Clinchfield Railroad Museum Opens in Unicoi, TN

Back in the early spring of this year, I had read that a Clinchfield Railroad Museum was under construction in the Erwin, TN area. On my last trip to Clinchfield Country in the spring, a railfan friend and I looked for the location in Unicoi. We found the location for reference to visit on a future trip once the museum opened.

According to this article, the Clinchfield Railroad Museum opened June 3, 2011. As a long-time fan of the CRR, I can’t wait until my next visit to the Erwin area to visit this museum!

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4 Responses to Clinchfield Railroad Museum Opens in Unicoi, TN

  1. miles says:

    The wife and I visited the museum today, I was very impressed. Even more impressing is the lady that gave us a wonderful two hour tour. Her name is Martha Erwin and her knowledge of the area and the railroad in incredible.

  2. Jimmy Tipton says:

    My Dad, L.C. Tipton Sr. retired from the Clinchfield after 30 years of service. I have wonderful video;s of his recollections of his time as section foreman from Spartanburg to Spruce Pine . We lived at Camp 2. Had his own motorcar at the house and got his lineup every morning from Ervin. Bob Roberts is a name I remember. Lot’s more.

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