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Supervisor of Train Operations

CSX Shenandoah Division train crews swap out on the visible layout at crew change points located near the north and south end staging yards. A separate operator handles the movements into and out of staging. When first added to the … Continue reading

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Inspired by the CSX Blue Ridge Division

I’ve been intrigued by the Clinchfield Railroad almost from the start of my interest in trains and railroading. The CRR mainline ran north-south for 277 miles (274 after the 1970 Johnson City mainline relocation) in 5 states: Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the CSX Shenandoah Division Blog

For several years I’ve posted semi-regular updates to my CSXT Shenandoah Division web site. More recently I haven’t posted as often, partially because updating the site had become tedious with the web site software I used. That software package was … Continue reading

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