Another Fine Mess

Construction Mess in the Salem Terminal

A look at the Salem Terminal during backdrop repair and wiring installation.

After the conclusion of NC RailRun 2010, I’ve been working on some infrastructure projects over the last several weeks. These projects have been  on the to-do list for quite some time, but I’ve lacked the motivation to start them until this fall—I need to finish these projects so I can move on to more interesting projects. I’ll have more to write about these projects later.

In any event, when I walked into the railroad room this past Sunday evening to continue working on these projects, I thought to myself “this is not my beautiful railroad.” [1] I turned around and got my camera to record what is the usual state of the Shenandoah Division while I’m working on the layout. Maybe other layout owners succeed in staying organized while working on the railroad, but I don’t.

[1] Apologies to Talking Heads.

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One Response to Another Fine Mess

  1. john says:

    LOL .. mine looks like this more than it’s cleaned up 🙂

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