Loctite Ultra Gel for Resistive Wheelsets

Glue for resistive wheelsets

When making resistive wheelsets, I attach the surface mount resistors to the wheelsets with this glue.

After one of my clinics at the NMRA National convention in Milwaukee this past summer, an attendee asked me what glue I used when making resistive wheelsets. Unfortunately, I could not remember the exact name, so I told him I’d post it to my blog. So here it is—better late than never.

I use Loctite® Super Glue ULTRA Gel™ as shown at right. You can buy this glue at various big-box discount and home improvement stores.

I prefer this glue over epoxy as I can better control the application of the glue, while I prefer it to other super glues (CA glues) because it has better elasticity.

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