Marty McGuirk’s Southern New England Railway Web Site

Marty McGuirk has updated the web site for his Southern New England Railway. I first met Marty in 1998 at a MER Convention. I’ve always admired his modeling, so I’ll be following his progress. Of course, since I’m a closet Central Vermont fan, the subject of his modeling doesn’t hurt. 🙂

One of his recent updates explains how he’s constructing a scene on the SNE based on a prototype photograph. His report particularly interests me because I enjoy learning how owners of other prototype-based freelanced railroads develop signature scenes which represent the locale they’re modeling. When I return my focus to building scenery on the CSX Shenandoah Division, I plan to include several such scenes based on favorite spots along the Clinchfield/CSX Blue Ridge Division.

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2 Responses to Marty McGuirk’s Southern New England Railway Web Site

  1. Sam Fell says:

    Hi Bruce!

    In the past several years I too have become intrigued by the idea of capturing signature scenes from a specific prototype. Lance Mindheim’s work on his Miami based layouts is a key example that has influenced me. I have started work on some N scale modules depicting CSX (ex-L&N) street trackage and port switching in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. Not much modeling at this point but I’ve documented a bit of prototype, influence, and track plans at I hope to have more to share on my blog soon …but I’m sure you of all people know how hard it is keeping the web updated when you’re trying to get modeling done with limited time! That said, I noticed in the description of your layout on the NC Rail Run sight that you’ve built the yard at North Salem on your layout …it would be fun to see a few pictures of the progress on that part of your layout!

    Take care,

    • shendiv says:


      Thanks for the update and sharing the link to your blog. I’ll look forward to following your progress.

      North Salem Yard went operational in early 2008. I’ve got photos documenting the progress but clearly never found time to post any of them. But you can see a little bit of the yard in the Using Wireless Phones for Communication post. The picture shows part of the south end of the yard, and I do have plans to add some additional photos of various parts of the layout.


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